Earthquake resistance constructions

Install earthquake-resistant structures

Bresser is VCA and ISO certified

Reducing damage of earthquake is most effective in the transition between the soil and the construction. The application of earthquake insulators ensures that vibrations are significantly reduced. The specific type of earthquake insulator depends on the vibration and weight and structure of the superstructure.

Especially if buidings need to be provided with earthquake insulators, is experience with foundation improvement and jacking essential. In many cases it is possible that residents use their house or building as long as possible.

Each application will be checked whether the current foundation is capable of being adapted with earthquake insulators. In calculation models is determined:
what forces occur in the building without adjustments;
which type of earthquake insulators can be effectively deployed;
which adjustments are necessary to place the earthquake insulators.
The final result will then be analyzed for feasibility. Based on these findings, Bresser makes a plan. After discussing this plan with the client (and advisors), it can be submitted as a license application.

After the license has been issued, the plan will be executed. During this phase we monitor progress. If desired, the direct participants will be informed and progress on the spot can be followed.

Bresser works in a transparent way with an appropriate solution and execution. This allows owners and users to re-use their property or building after the operation with confidence.

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