Signal house crossing

Relocation historical signal house

Bresser is VCA, ISO and CO2 certified

Signal house crossing

On behalf of the Dutch Rail infrastructure company ProRail, Bresser relocated a monumental signal house (240 ton) to a location 1.5 km further next to the so called ‘Locloods’ in Roosendaal, the Netherlands.

Industrial heritage

The signal house between the tracks was used for the operation of signals and other items that belong to a railway. It was built in 1907, but it was no longer in use since 1994. Because the sein house is important heritage of the rich railhistory of the city Roosendaal, it has been decided to move it to a new place where it’s accessible to the public. This was not possible, because the signalhouse was standing between the tracks.

The Seinhuis B, as it is officially called, is now at a new place next to the monumental ‘Locloods’, almost a mile away. ProRail’s characteristic building was transferred to BOEi, the national society for the conservation, development and exploitation of industrial heritage.


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