Your partner in foundation research and recovery

Bresser is VCA, ISO and CO2 certified

Reconstruction of foundations

Sloping floors, clamping windows or doors, cracks in the walls, slope of the property may indicate foundation problems. These issues can be caused by:

  • degradation of the wooden foundation piles by fungi;
  • attack of the wood foundation piles by bacteria in the groundwater (pale fever);
  • Construction problems, for example due to overload, poor wood quality, poles have insufficient depth or insufficient polarity.

Foundation research

An investigation provides insight into the problems, the state in which your foundation is based, or a foundation recovery is necessary, what kind of recovery is possible and what time the recovery should take place.


Based on the foundation research, Bresser makes the cost insight into an offer. This offer can contain multiple solutions. This allows you to create added value by placing a basement space.

Foundation restoration

By contract, our constructor is going to work out for construction calculations. We also provide all necessary permits such as an environmental permit, demolition permit, environmental permit and monument permit. If all the lights are green, we can get started. This happens in three steps:


The work approach is divided into three steps:

1. Preparation

  • Consultation with client and related neighbours
  • Architectural preliminary surveys with immediate neighbours
  • Develop planning
  • Consult logistics occupation

2. Performance

  • The restoration takes place in consultation with the stakeholders
  • Implementation of innovative techniques, modern equipment and specialized staff

3. Evaluation

  • After the recovery there is a final delivery with the client
  • The client receives a guarantee on the delivered construction