Lifting the dutch 'tower of Pisa' (UNESCO)

Jacking windmill 5 in Kinderdijk

Bresser is VCA, ISO and CO2 certified

Lifting the dutch ‘tower of Pisa’ (UNESCO)

The windmills of Kinderdijk are unique. They were built in 1738 and were placed on the UNESCO World Heritage List in 1997. More than 300,000 people from all over the world annually visit 19 historic windmills.

After all these years, many mills need major maintenance. The Kinderdijk World Heritage Foundation has started in 2010 a large project: the restoration of 14 windmills. Nederwaard 5 is leaning since its construction, almost three centuries ago. Bresser made underneath and next to the mill a concrete foundation. In this concrete foundationvertical tubes are placed. Next, climb up jacks are applied on these tubes, which can be controlled independently. Then mill was lifted 59 cm and put right after 273 years.
Nederwaard 5 got also a new thatched roof and the interior was renovated. After the restoration Nederwaard 5 can do what windmills are for built long ago, pumping thousands of gallons of water per minute through the wheels. That will be a wonderful sight in the swampy polders.


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