Keep Groningen Borg for the future

Bresser contributes to the future-proofing of the beautiful Borg Rusthoven in Wirdum, Groningen. Soon we will upgrade this heritage and provide it with insulators (base isolation). In this way, the Borg will be resistant to earthquakes in the future and the heritage will be preserved. Dagblad van het Noorden wrote an article about the operation.

Threatened cultural heritage relocated

The Imam Abdullah Zawiyah social complex (1249 – 1294) in Hasankeyf, Turkey is successfully relocated over a distance of 2 km to a cultural park. The relocation of the complex, consisting of several sperate objects, takes place in phases. The first object was moved on 10 September. This 800-tons weighing monument is positioned near the recently relocated 800-year-old Artuklu hamam and the 15th century tomb of Zeynel bey, which was relocated in 2017. The associated tower was also successfully moved to the new location the next day. The relocation of the last part of the complex is planned at the end of the month.

The cultural heritage of Hasankeyf is threatened to become flooded as a result of the construction of a dam. By the relocation of this important cultural heritage it can be retained for future generations.

800 year old hamman gets a new destination

In August the 800 year old Artuklu Hamam in Hasankeyf, Turkey is successfully relocated over a distance of 2.7 km to a higher situated new cultural park. The monumental hammam is positioned near Tomb Zeynel Bey, which was also relocated in May 2017.

The cultural heritage of Hasankeyf is threatened to become flooded as a result of the construction of a dam. By the relocation and restoration this important cultural heritage can be preserved for the future.

Two Bresser projects on the list of ‘heaviest buildings ever moved’

For more than 35 years, Bresser has been committed to reinforcing and moving houses, buildings, bridges, viaducts and land tanks. Our team does this safely, professionally and with a lot of passion! Using our knowledge and experience, sustainable solutions can be found in area development and important cultural heritage can be preserved at home and abroad. Engineering News Record magazine (Scott Lewis) recently published a list of the 10 heaviest buildings ever moved in the world. Team Bresser moved No. 1 in Baku and rode No. 6 in Amsterdam. A result to be proud of!

Monumental market master’s house Purmerend moves on wheels

For decades, the monumental market master’s house in Purmerend played a central role in the market life of the city. That role is being revived by the move to the other side of the square. Relocation specialist Bresser moved the cultural heritage to the new destination on Thursday 12 July 2018.

The Marktmeestershuisje from 1910 on the corner of the Koemarkt was moved in its entirety about 150 meters to the other corner of the market. Moving from one side to the other took less than 30 minutes. In the meantime, the house was also turned.

Heritage on wheels

Bresser, specialized in re-founding, jacking and moving, carried out this technical tour de force on behalf of Attica Vastgoed, which is building a new market hall in the center. In recent weeks, the monument has been provided with a new concrete foundation plate, removed from the old foundation and then jacked up. On 12 July, Alderman Eveline Tijmstra (Alderman of the City and Monuments) gave the starting signal for the move together with Pieter Dooper (Attica Vastgoed) and Henry van Langeveld (Bresser). The crowd that had gathered could follow the move at a safe distance.

The 52-ton stone house was transported 150 meters with the help of transport trucks (SPMTs) from Mammoet to a place between the small and the large Koemarkt. In the new setting, the market house marks the transition to the second square space for the future market hall. The market master will again use the house and has a view of both squares. In the new situation, the house is completely free and is more visible.