Jacking railway bridge

In Zwolle (NL) a steel railway bridge of 90 tons was jacked up (30 cm). The concrete pillars and land heads were then extended. A beautiful assignment from Van Boekel Group. Bresser is proud of the team that had to do this job under tropical conditions!

Bresser guest in Camber of Commerce-event

Do business in Turkey? Taco Bresser shared his experiences during the national Chamber of Commerce event on international business #road2theWorld 2017. The reason was the relocation of cultural heritage that Bresser recently performed in Turkey. A medieval tomb had to make way for a dam in Southeast Turkey. The knowledge and expertise of Bresser was used to preserve this tomb and possibly other important heritage in the region for future generations. Bresser is also working in Istanbul to preserve an ancient bell tower.

Relocation tomb in Turkey

In may a medieval monument in Turkey was successfully relocated. The 550-year-old tomb in Hasankeyf was threatened to be lost due to the construction of a dam. Therefore, the important cultural heritage had to be moved 2 km to a higher area to maintain it for the future. Contractor: Er-BuBack

44 meter high Philips chimney moved

On April 2, Bresser in Roosendaal moved a 44 meter high chimney (450 tons) in its entirety over a distance of 450 meters. After years of efforts by former Jongmans employee, the tower was spared the demolition hammer. The former Philips site was completely demolished to make way for a distribution center. Bresser was commissioned by the municipality of Roosendaal to move the entire colossus to a new location on the side of the site. Here, Philips’ industrial heritage remains a beacon for the city.