Watch out! Windmill crossing

Moving and jacking 140 year old windmill

Bresser is VCA, ISO and CO2 certified

Watch out! Windmill crossing

Right of wind, an ancient Dutch law from the twelfth century, is the reason for lifting a 140 year old windmill. In order reconstruct the foundation, the monument was moved temporarily to the other side of the street. Daams’ molen (Daams’ mill) is the icon of Vaassen, a village in the Netherlands. The construction of a new shopping center causes the monument will be placed out of the wind.

The owner of Daams’ mill refers to the ancient wind law, which now states that a mill must have a free zone of 375 m around to catch enough wind.

Bresser moved the mill (165-ton) temporarily 28m to the other side of the street. Then a new foundation was built at the old location. After six weeks Bresser relocated the mill on the new foundation. Then Bresser jacked the mill up to 5 m above the foundation. Among the mill prefab concrete segments were placed, after which the jackingconstruction lowered the mill to this final position on the concrete segments.


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