Jacking windmill Kinderdijk (UNESCO)

Refoundation and jacking monumental windmill

Bresser is VCA, ISO and CO2 certified

Jacking windmill Kinderdijk (UNESCO)

Windmill Nederwaard was built 1738 and is part of UNESCO World Heritage Kinderdijk. The windmill has problems with a skewed position since construction. In the past, two attempts have been made to solve this problem, but the problem remained. When people were no longer able to deal with the problems, Bresser was asked to make a new foundation and jack the mill in the right position. The monument was provided with a plate foundation and positioned. The tilt was reduced from 4.5 degrees to 2 degrees, the original position of the mill in 1900. The advantage of Bresser’s approach was that the mill itself remained intact, the original attics and herb floors were thus retained. After restoration of, among other things, the hood, the mill has also been taken into use again.


Bresser worked for, among others,