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Bresser is VCA, ISO and CO2 certified

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During the Christmas holidays Bresser relocated school (38×20 meters) weighing nearly one million kilograms over a distance of 30 meters. The purpose of the relocation was to slide the school to a newly constructed second part, in order to connect them.

The school in Amsterdam, designed by Fact Architects and Hund Falk architects, is brand new, but could not be built in the right place because there was still a sports hall. The first part was provisionally built behind the hall, so the children could get education and childcare. After sports hall was demolished and the second part was built, the first part could be relocated. The two buildings are linked into a single building.

The school building was moved 30 meters using steel rollers in six rails. To get these rollers beneath the school building was jacked with 42 jacks. Then the building moved forward by six special jacks.


Bresser worked for, among others,