Safety, quality and sustainability are of paramount importance at Bresser. Our company is NEN-EN-ISO 9001:2015 and VCA** 2017/6.0 certified. Bresser has also the CO2 awareness’ level 3 certificate. Our employees have the appropriate training and certifications to perform the work safely and as agreed. Bresser employs professionals certified by the Dutch Centrum Veilig Wonen (CVW) to deal with earthquake problems.

Bresser stands for:

  • ensuring safety for all involved in Bresser projects;
  • harnessing human ingenuity and providing healthy working conditions with integrity for all our employees;
  • countering resource scarcity through recycling, economical and conscious (re)use of materials, water and energy;
  • Providing added value by designing from the end user’s perspective (demand-driven work)
  • the economical and conscious use of energy;
  • Reducing energy consumption and carbon emissions.

You can download the certificates and reports using the links below:



CO2 performance ladder:




More information about the CO2-Performanceladder can be found on the website of the Foundation for Climate-Friendly Procurement and Business (SKAO): www.skao.nl