14 January 2018

Bresser extends VCA ** and achieves latest ISO 9001 standard!

In December 2017 and January 2018 Bresser was successfully audited for VCA ** and ISO 9001: 2015. This ISO standard is a renewal to the old standard ISO9001: 2 ...

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6 September 2017

Jacking monumental villa

A monumental villa (1936) which was reduced by 23 centimeters, was rectified by Bresser. The 370-tons house was jacked and placed on a new foundation. Thanks ...

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23 July 2017

Jacking railway bridge

In Zwolle (NL) a steel railway bridge of 90 tons was jacked up (30 cm). The concrete pillars and land heads were then extended. A beautiful assignment from Va ...

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23 June 2017

Bresser guest in Camber of Commerce-event

Do business in Turkey? Taco Bresser shared his experiences during the national Chamber of Commerce event on international business #road2theWorld 2017. The rea ...

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14 May 2017

Relocation tomb in Turkey

In may a medieval monument in Turkey was successfully relocated. The 550-year-old tomb in Hasankeyf was threatened to be lost due to the construction of a dam. ...

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4 April 2017

44 meter high Philips chimney moved

On April 2, Bresser in Roosendaal moved a 44 meter high chimney (450 tons) in its entirety over a distance of 450 meters. After years of efforts by former Jong ...

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1 October 2016

Schok therapy in Groningen

In the Groningen, the Netherlands Bresser jacked a national monument (300 tonnes) about 1 meter. In order of Van Wijnen-groep, the monumental rectory (1931) ...

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15 December 2015

Rolling school in Amsterdam

In Amsterdam, a school of almost one million kilos (200 elephants) was relocated over a distance of 30 meters by Bresser. The entire school and childcare fa ...

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Rolling school in Amsterdam
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